3D Printing Protective Visors during the Covid-19 crisis

This is a bit different to the content that I normally post but may be one of the most important posts I ever write. A while back I got myself a 3D printer and have been using it almost daily since, you don’t really realise how useful they are until they have one. I am now dedicating its use to printing protective visors during the Covid-19 crisis and if you have access to a 3D printer I suggest you do the same.

The visor I have been printing was published by 3DVerkstan and is great because it’s quick and easy to print (even on poorly calibrated printers), requires no elastic and accepts readily available plastic sheets that just need to be hole punched. All the details can be found on their site here.

I’ve been using my Prusa i3 MK3/s to produce one every 45 mins in PLA using 0.3mm layer heights and 20% infill (this is the 0.30mm DRAFT PrusaSlicer preset) and they are coming out great. For the front sheets I bought 120 transparent OHP sheets from Amazon which are then hole punched twice before attaching to the frame using a pressure fit.

Due to the demand for these visors they are being taken as quick as I can make them which is why if you have the ability to manufacture them I suggest you do. I’m currently prioritising giving them to my local ICU department and also first responders and the more we produce and distribute the better.

Here is a link to the .stl files we are currently printing.


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