Getting Around No NAT Loopback

I have been hosting this site internally for about a year now on a virtualised nginx instance, getting it up and running was a breeze but something always bugged me – I couldn’t access the site from within the local network. After a bit of digging around I found the problem… my router didn’t support […]

Controlling Fan Speeds on a Dell R710

A few months back I upgraded my home server to a Dell R710, I got a good deal on it and it came preloaded with 72GB ram and two Xeons so it was much more powerful than the server it replaced. The problem with it is that the R710 is an enterprise grade server and […]

Using GSuite with a custom domain name

I recently bought a domain name and needed email to go with it, after some research I decided to use GSuite as I’ve used Gmail for years and it has the added benefit of unlimited drive storage. This post should guide you through the steps needed to get GSuite connected to your domain and email […]

Updating Ubuntu Server 17.10 to use Static IP

A recent problem I came across was setting my Nginx server which is running Ubuntu Server 17.10 to use a static IP address. The normal approach of editingĀ /etc/network/interfaces wasn’t working so I gave up on it and let DHCP do its thing, this worked fine until my Hyper-V server rebooted and then Nginx got a […]