Workrbot – Microsoft TFS Auto Moderator

I use Microsoft TFS on a daily basis and have found that no matter how many documents and guides you write regarding processes people will log bugs/user stories incorrectly. To try and help with this I built a bot which can be given a ruleset and notify users when substandard work items are added. More […]

Controlling Fan Speeds on a Dell R710

A few months back I upgraded my home server to a Dell R710, I got a good deal on it and it came preloaded with 72GB ram and two Xeons so it was much more powerful than the server it replaced. The problem with it is that the R710 is an enterprise grade server and […]

Unit Testing with DateTime.Now

I recently had to write some unit tests for a method which had various outcomes depending on the current Date/Time, this created a problem as the method used DateTime.Now and there is no way to moq it. I tried a few different ways of doing this and did a bit of Googling and came up with […]