join ubuntu to active directory

Join Ubuntu to an Active Directory Domain

This tutorial will show you how to join Ubuntu to an Active Directory Domain quickly and easily, this will allow domain users to logon using their domain account and allows the use of Kerberos authentication with tools such as Ansible. Before I start I’m going to assume you already have a domain controller configured and […]

Installing HBase in Standalone mode on Ubuntu

HBase can be installed in three modes: standalone, pseudo-distributed and distributed – each mode has uses and advantages and disadvantages and slightly different install steps because of it. This article will guide you through the installation of HBase in standalone mode on Ubuntu 18.04. So why use standalone mode? Firstly standalone mode is not recommended […]

Updating Ubuntu Server 17.10 to use Static IP

A recent problem I came across was setting my Nginx server which is running Ubuntu Server 17.10 to use a static IP address. The normal approach of editingĀ /etc/network/interfaces wasn’t working so I gave up on it and let DHCP do its thing, this worked fine until my Hyper-V server rebooted and then Nginx got a […]